In emerging Latin American markets, Etex’s tiles are contributing to the higher quality and aesthetics of both homes and non-residential buildings. As demand is growing, our brands are securing leadership throughout the continent.

Homes and non-residential buildings

Our brands Ceramica San Lorenzo and Ceramicas Cordillera are established names on the South American continent. Available in a wide range of models and sizes, our ceramic tiles are used in residential applications, such as bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. They also fit the needs of the non-residential market, in shopping centres and offices.

Innovation down to details

The secret to their success lies in creativity: our two brands focus a lot on producing appealing designs and exceptional sizes out-of-the-ordinary. To do so, they keep the finger on the pulse of fashion and trends. All our ceramic companies have upgraded their production lines with digital inkjet printing technology. As a result, the tiles’ quality has been taken to the next level, thanks to razor-sharp, distinctive designs. Digital inkjet also allows us to print fast and cost-effectively, even in small batches.